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I tried to play a prank by coughing and sneezing in a bus but the passengers rough-handled me – Nigerian man recounts experience



In times of crisis, there are people who sometimes feel the need to play pranks or crack jokes to douse tension. One constant in such cases is the almost expectedly violent way in which people may react in dire situations.

A man has lived to tell the tale of how he tried to play a coronavirus-related prank in a bus but was rough handled.

Narrating his personal experience, @HAMSEMFunnyBoi said he was jokingly coughing and sneezing in a public bus in Ibadan but the passengers who were not comfortable with him decided to handle him roughly.

In his words: “Thread. I was in commercial bus yesterday in Ibadan, there was 16-passengers in the bus. I was trying to prank everyone in the bus concerning the Corona virus.

Suddenly, I started coughing and sneezing at the same time. Before I knew it, I was grabbed roughly by passengers…”

See his tweet:

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