I tried to end my life three times – Comedian Destalker

Nigerian comedian Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond, whose stage name is Destalker, has revealed that he attempted svicide multiple times.

He opened up about suffering depression after graduating from the university and he could not get a job, which led him to becoming an okada rider (commercial motorcyclist).

I tried to end my life three times - Comedian Destalker

Destalker shared his life story during a recent episode of the Afrobeats Podcast with UK-based broadcaster, Adesope Olajide.

The stand-up comedian said his inability to secure a lucrative job or have a career headway coupled with frustrations from family members drove him into depression.

He further stated that he already made up his mind not to ever work for anybody, but things were not easy and he encountered a log of distractions.

Destalker also gave credit to his colleague, Ajebo for facilitating his first major breakthrough in the comedy industry.

He said; “I graduated with a degree in Public Administration but couldn’t get a job. So I started doing okada [commercial motorcyclist]. But the truth is, I already had it on my mind that I don’t want to work for anybody. You must have a blueprint of what you want to become even though the country has its own blueprint waiting for you.

“I was struggling. It wasn’t easy. There were a lot of distractions and it got to a point where I was suicidal. I attempted suicide three times. I think nobody has heard this part of me.

That was when I realised that even I can’t take my life. I now believed that when you’re suicidal, your miracle is close. The devil doesn’t just want you to attain it. The closer you are to your destiny, the difficult the challenges. That was my story.”