I stopped giving girls money for a month and I was able to buy car – Skit-maker, Shank

Nigerian content creator, Shank Comics has revealed that he was able to acquire a car and house after reducing the way he gives people money.

He explained that sometimes, one is not really broke as they think, just that in order for people to get rich they need to learn to say ‘No’ or else their hard work will not lead to wealth creation.

I stopped giving girls money for a month and I was able to buy car - Skit-maker, Shanks

Shanks stated this in a social media post while recounting the decision he made to not provide financial support for any girl or family member in a month and it resulted in him acquiring two properties.

The online comedian, however, noted that he is not advising people to be stingy, rather he wants them to take a firm stance on monetary matters.

In his words; “Sometimes you are not really broke, no matter how you hustle, if you don’t learn to say No to certain people you’ll never be rich. You can’t be drowning and trying to save others, you’ll end up drowning too.

“I took a month and I said I’m not going to send anybody anything, even family I said no. Guess what? at that month I was able to buy a car and house. I’m not saying you should be stingy but just STAND STRONG FIRST”.

Meanwhile, in another news…

A Twitter user earlier shared a lovely story about a cab driver making sacrifice for his girlfriend who also went the extra mile to support his taxi business.

The narrator known as Abena Manokekame said a Bolt driver revealed that his girlfriend of two years took a loan and bought a car for him.

According to her, the girl lost her job few weeks after obtaining the loan so her boyfriend decided to do extra jobs to be able to pay back the loan. He was forced to combine driving Bolt, teaching and selling of perfumes in his car to get enough money to clear the debt his babe incured.

Abena, who shared the story on the microblogging platform, said the cab man was singing his girlfriend’s praises during the ride to her destination.

She wrote; ”My Bolt driver says his GF of 2yrs took a loan to buy him the car, a few weeks before she lost her job. So he’s gone back to teaching, drives and sells perfumes in his car to help her pay it back. He’s been praising her for more than 5 mins. I like that.”