I started paying school fees with my earnings in JSS1 – The Johnsons’ star, Susan Pwajok

Nigerian actress and TV presenter, Susan Pwajok has revealed that she was paying her fees with her own money in secondary school.

She made this known during a recent episode of Surviving Lagos podcast on Glitch Africa studio while having a chat with crossdresser, James Brown.

Susan was speaking about her background and not knowing her father, so it was her mother taking care of her from a tender age.

According to the Nollywood actress, she began paying her tuition in JSS1 and she was using what she earned from being casted on The Johnsons sitcom series.

The pretty podcaster said she started acting when she was in primary 4 and when she reached secondary school, she told her mum that since she was already making small money, she wanted to be paying her school fees.

Pwajok further explained that her father was never in the picture and she felt the need to relieve her mother of some of the financial responsibilities.

She said her mum was doing well for herself but she still felt the need to help in her own way even as teenager but there were occasional challenges like delay in paying school fees due to the not receiving her pay from The Johnsons early enough.

Watch video below:

In other news, content creator, Kiriku, whose real name is Victory Enorense, has revealed why he bought a new car for his father.

He said his dad’s car was old and always giving him issues so he discussed with his uncle, Umbrella Boy and they decided to change it for him.

According to Kiriku, when they were still up and coming in the online content creation industry, they both agreed to buy a car for his father once they start making money.

For the skit-maker, getting a new car for his dad was him fulfilling a promise he made to himself.

Kiriku, popularly known for his slang, ‘Abeg shift’, made the revelation during an interview as he talked about his personal life and future plans.

Kiriku said; “His car was no longer good, and we decided to buy a new one for him. We did that because the old car was giving him issues. Me and my uncle decided that immediately we started making money, we would get him (my dad) a car.”

He further talked about his early interest in comedy and how Emmanuella motivated him to become a skit-maker when he was four years old.

According to the preteen, he struggled to memorise his lines when he was just starting, so his uncle made him realise that he cannot master it all at once.

But that is now a thing of the past because Umbrella Boy taught him how to learn his lines and with time he became good at it.

Kiriku said; “I used to watch the videos of child skit makers such as Emmanuella. I became more interested when I started following people to locations to shoot skits. That was how I started.

“I couldn’t master my lines at once when I started out at the age of four. However, my uncle later taught me how to take my lines one after the other. I am better at it now though.”