“I regret a having girlfriend” – Singer, Lil Frosh

Nigerian musician, Sanni Goriola aka Lil Frosh has expressed regret over having a girlfriend in light of the domestic abuse scandal involving his ex, Gift Camile better known as Cute Gemini.

Following Gift’s allegations that Lil Frosh assaulted her in 2020, his former label boss, Davido terminated his contract with Davido Music Worldwide (DMW).

Although Frosh and the model settled the matter out of court, the singer stopped getting music deals, invites for shows and Davido never reviewed his decision.

“I regret a having girlfriend" - Singer, Lil Frosh

Lil Frosh recalled the drama that ensued with Cute Gemini, while granting an interview on Clout Africa, and maintained his innocence.

He admitted that he’s been struggling because his ex-girlfriend’s “false allegations” significantly impeded his music career and he is yet to recover.

Lil Frosh disclosed that his career has since Davido abruptly terminated his contract due to his ex-girlfriend’s accusations.

He said; “My ex-girlfriend’s claims that she got beaten by me is a false accusation, I won’t lie to you. I know nothing about it. And immediately she posted it online, I got kicked out of DMW.

“I left the record label on the 6th of October, 2020, and since then I have been independent. I want my fans to know that I am not capable of assault. I am a cool guy. The way some people are judgemental about things they see online is alarming.

“If I had the opportunity to go back in time and change some things, I swear, I won’t have a girlfriend. I regret having a girlfriend.”