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”I really hope it ends well” – Nigerian lady says after shooting her shot and falling in love with her Bolt driver (Screenshot)



A Nigerian lady simply known as Mokeji, has shared details of how she made the first move at her Bolt driver and they both ended up dating.

According to her, it started when she got punished for violating curfew in November, after being punished by soldiers, she requested a ride and it was her current man who arrived as the bolt driver.

She disclosed that although they did not talk during the ride, he started vibing after she played a song and it was at that moment she knew she had to make a move.

Mokeji asked for his number and she messaged him on WhatsApp later, only to realise that the feeling was mutual.

She said that from then onwards, they have been together.

The lady also shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat between the two of them.

She initially tweeted last month;

”There’s curfew in Benin and I wasn’t aware. Soldiers use me catch cruise last night. From singing praise and worship to singing “jump like opolo” for one boy that was asked to do frog jump”

In a more recent follow-up tweet, she wrote;

”Had to put up in a hotel. So the next morning, I requested bolt and he was my driver. We didn’t talk all through the ride home.

”At a point, I played songs from my phone and he vibed. Naso I take decide say this one na my own o lol. Got to my house and asked if I could text him..

…cause I like him and he was like “okay let me give you my WhatsApp number”. That was how we started lol . I really hope it ends well”

Read their chat:

See her post below:

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