I realised after relocating that U.S. is better than Nigeria – Comedian Elenu

Nigerian stand-up comedian, Babatunde Akinlami, also known as Elenu, has said that he discovered there are broader opportunities in the United States than Nigeria.

He said that before he traveled out of Nigeria, his major source of income came from entertainment, but US made him realise the ‘true meaning of multiple streams of income’.

Elenu stated this in an interview as he disclosed that he now owns his own production company, events and car rental service.

He said; “When I was still in Nigeria, I would say entertainment was my major source of livelihood, but after relocating to the United States, I got to understand the true meaning of multiple streams of income.

In the US, I am the chief executive officer/executive producer of my own production company. I produce events; I do my own event every year; I have a car rental company with about 15 vehicles, among other things.”

Speaking on what the most embarrassing moment in his career was, he said that it when he was paid N1,000 for performing at an event.

“In 2005, I did an event and I was paid N1,000. I was supposed to be paid N1,500, but I was eventually paid N1,000. That was very embarrassing,” he said.

The comic act also said though most people believe that stand-up comedians were earning as much as musicians or actors, as a comedian and events host, he was making good money because of the efforts he put into his work.

“As a stand-up comedian and events compère, I know I make very good money and it is not just about that. I believe the efforts that the individual or the brand put into their work still differentiate and determine how much has been made,” Elenu stated.