I ran away from home because my family was maltreating me – Viral hawker

A physically-challenged man who disguises as a woman to hawk bottled water on highways, and solicit help from the public, has explained why he left home.

He said that he had to run away from because of the maltreatment he had been facing at the hands of his family.

Hawker Eniola family

In a video which surfaced online, Eniola, whose real name is Sultan, claimed his mother was the person who often assaulted him.

But his mum, who cleared the air in an interview with Akin Abolade, revealed that her child n away from home in 2020 out of his free will.

She was the person who revealed that his name is Sultan and clarified that her son is 18 years old not 23 the boy made people believe.

The woman revealed that when he went viral and people started donating money, she begged him for some but he refued and said her time will come.

Speaking further, she said she was pained by what Eniola (Sultan) said about her because, because out of all her four children, she loves him the most.

“I asked him to send me money yesterday when his video went viral on social media and Nigerians were sending money to him. But his response to me was ‘mummy don’t worry it will soon be your turn for now it isn’t you turn’. This boy has made me cry a lot,” she said.