I play stereotypical roles solely for financial gains – Okon Lagos

Nigerian actor and comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh also known as Okon Lagos, has said that financial consideration is one of the major reasons for playing stereotypical roles.

He said that whenever he chooses roles, he concerns himself with the type of content fans pay to see and that is what influences his decision.

Speaking in an interview, Okon Lagos said; “In whatever one does, one of the most fundamental interests should be economical. The point to note is if it makes financial and economic common sense.

“It (stereotype roles) is about demand and supply. What does my audience want to see and what am I ‘supplying’? It is the entertainment business.

“Who do I need to convince that I am an all-round actor? If I need to prove to people that I am a round character, how does it translate into naira and kobo?”

The comic act, who turned 40 on 30th August 2023, also stated that he felt good to attain the new age.

“It has been said that life begins at 40. So, it calls for deeper reflection on my life, successes, failures, and ups and downs. I will also be looking at some adjustments I can make to be a better person.

“I don’t think there is any age I would get to and feel that I have done enough for myself. I am always going to be hungry and be a greater person than I was the day before,” he said.

On how he has been able to remain relevant in the industry, Imeh said; “I constantly improve on the things I have done to become even better. I am a teachable person. and I learn every day. I am not afraid to make mistakes.”

In other entertainment news…

Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu has revealed that he was offered N10 million to play a role in a movie, but he turned it down.

The movie star said the person who made him the juicy offer is billionaire businessman and telecoms mogul, Mike Adenuga.

Chiwetalu made this known during an interview with media personality, Chude where he also explained that at the time, he was yet to make N1 million but insisted on getting N20 million.

According to the legendary actor, the business magnate later compromised and gave him the N20 million he requested for, after he threatened to walk away.

Agu said; “Chief Mike Adenuga said, ‘what I have for you in this contract is N10 million.’ I have not seen N1 million before when he was pricing me N10 million but I refused. I said, ‘if it’s not N20 million, forget it.’

“He insisted, I insisted. So, I pretend to rise up and said, ‘give me money to go back to Enugu. If there’s any available flight, book it for me let me just quietly go back.’

“They regarded me to now being serious when I rose up. Chief Mike Adenuga said ‘sit down.’ He ordered them to bring documents for signing. They brought and I signed.

“From that moment uhuru dance started. I did it diplomatically in the office. I didn’t want them to know that N20m was a big deal [to me]. But it was the most wonderful thing [to me] at the moment.”