I pay salaries of 100 people despite not having degree – Davido’s manager Asa

Nigerian talent manager, Asa Asika, has celebrated his growth and progress in life which was achieved without a university certificate.

The 32-year-old, who is superstar singer, Davido’s manager, revealed that despite not having a degree, he pays monthly salaries of over a hundred employees.

Asa made the disclosure during a recent interview with social media influencer Smart Money Arese.

The entrepreneur dropped out of university and now run his a couple of entertainment and management companies.

He said; “Everyone’s story is different, everyone’s path is different, people always feel as if you have to go a certain way to get a certain goal.

“One of my companies pays 45 people’s salaries a month and that’s only one of the companies I run. If I do the maths, I probably pay about 100 people salaries a month and I have no degree”.

Asika said he has no regret as most of his close friends earn “peanuts” despite being Ph.D holders.

“Without being condescending or trying to sound cocky, I have friends who have gone to school and have PhDs now and they are working a 9 to 5 and making peanuts,” he added.