I paid my cheating husband back by getting pregnant for his side chic’s father – Woman narrates

A married woman has opened up on how she took her pound of flesh after her husband impregnated someone out of wedlock and defended his action.

She said that when she confronted him for having a child with another woman, he said that he could not lay his eggs in one basket.

As a way of getting back at her husband, she decided to also find a man to impregnate her, so she went to the father of her husband’s side chic.

In her words; “My husband got someone else pregnant and he said he can’t lay his eggs in one basket. So I decided to lay eggs in another basket too and get pregnant by someone else to be specific his sidechick’ dad. And now he’s mad at me. Did I do anything wrong?”

Meanwhile, in another news…

A man has narrated how a woman tried to scatter her friend’s marriage because she mocked her for being single during the wedding.

The narrator known as @iamSOUNDmind on Twitter, said a family friend was getting married and one of her bridesmaid was single, and in the cause of the nuptial ceremony, she made fun of her.

The bridesmaid angered by the jest, then decided to start having an affair with the bride’s husband as payback few months after the wedding.

However, the man later became born again ended the affair, but the side chic tried to scatter their union by telling her friend what happened not knowing the man already confessed to his wife.

The post reads; Lady who on her friend’s wedding, was on the bridal train, started sleeping with her frnds husband few months later becos, in her words “her friend mocked her for being the only single person in their circle”.

Less than a year later, friend’s husband gave his life to Christ, and cut ties with her. Hanty moved to blackmail him by telling his wife, but got the shocker of her life that oga had already confessed to his wife. Hanty moved again to accuse oga of r@pe. Oga’s saving grace is that his wife recorded the conversation when hanty came to her earlier.😄😄

The wife in question happens to be my friend’s wife’s younger sister. So Hanty actually went as far as taking this r@pe allegation to oga’s workplace o! I learnt he got laid off temporarily, but reinstated after he provided that recording from his wife and it was clear that the allegations is false.

Apparently, what sparked this whole conversation was that the wife had a miscarriage recently after she and oga had been looking to get pregnant since the wedding. Here’s the thing everyone believes Hanty has a hand in it coz in the recording she CLAIMED to have aborted for oga B4 and swore to make him pay.

Oga said no such thing happened o. So, nobody knows what to believe at this point. Fun fact: Hanty happens to be a very functional choir member in one big church in Lagos. When I say big I mean top 3 most popular churches in Lagos. Omo!