I often go for lead roles because I have what it takes – Tayo Faniran

Nigerian actor and reality TV star, Tayo Faniran has revealed that he usually targets lead roles in movies because he is looking for characters that will showcase his potential.

He stated this in a recent interview with Hip TV while listing the conditions that a script and filmmaker must fulfil for him to accept an acting role.

Tayo explained that there are certain things he looks out for in a script, and the most important is his role in a movie.

He said that he has what it takes to be a lead actor so he does not sell himself short by going for anything else.

The Big Brother Africa runner-up also said he dislikes stereotypes, whereby he plays a bad man or playboy in a film.

The Nollywood star said the last aspect is for him to look at the person producing the movie, the class it falls under, and if people are going to like it.

Tayo said; “First thing I look out for when I’m giving a script is my positioning in the story. I think I’m a leading man.

“I have all it takes to be a lead actor. And apart from that, I just love to be the best in what I do. I’m looking for a character that is going to showcase my potential. And in most cases, it’s always the lead character or the supporting lead character.

“The second thing I look out for is that I don’t want to be stereotyped. I don’t like maybe every script that comes, play boy or lover boy, or bad guy or something like that. I like to look for diversity; something that will give me the leverage to show my flexibility.

“And then I look out for the people producing the film as well. The class of the film. Is it going to go out? Are people going to see it? Is it going to add something to my career? Then I consider the money. Is the money worth my time? I’m a businessman, I’ve other things to do. So, I just weigh it down. Even if it’s not about the money, it should be worth my time.”

He played a supporting lead actor in Netflix series, ‘Gangs of Lagos’ as Ninalowo aka Nino, a street gangster with a kind heart.