I might venture into politics just like my grandfather – Seyi Awolowo

Controversial reality TV star and Nollywood actor, Seyi Awolowo, has said he is giving consideration to the idea of venturing into politics.

Seyi made this known on Tuesday during an interview on Channels TV while speaking about the society’s expectations of him as a result of being the grandson of late chief Obafemi Awolowo.

According to the BBNaija ex-housemate, he never had any interest in politics, but he might be tempted to become a politician with the current situation of things in the country.

Seyi revealed he is the 20th grandchild of Awolowo and ever since he was little people had been telling him that he is supposed to follow the path of the late Premier of the Western Region.

He said; “To be honest, I would have loved not to get into politics but with the way it seems in the country, I might have to. I would just have liked to enjoy and be on the backbone of entertainment.

“But I have a family that I’m looking forward to growing in this country, I’m not trying to ‘japa’. I want them to experience Nigeria the way I experienced Nigeria.

“You know being able to enjoy the full 36 states, go anywhere you want to, interact with other triibes. Just be a Nigerian in your country and not be limited to certain conditions and policies that can change at any time in foreign country.

“Since I was a child. People were always telling me that as an Awolowo child, this is how I was supposed to be, that I was always supposed to read books like my grandfather. A lot of older people always said that to me”.