I met my husband through a friend – Veekee James

Nigerian fashion designer, Veekee James has revealed that she met her husband, Femi Atere through a mutual friend.

The popular stylist who got married in February, opened up about how series of controversies have been surrounding their meeting even though she never spoke about it before.

I met my husband through a friend - Veekee James

According to Veekee James who had a chat with Ebuka on Channels TV programme, Rubbin’ Minds, her man was a manager of one of her friends and that was how they got to know each other.

She said they dated for almost two years and after a year and a few months they got engaged, before their having their white and lavish traditional wedding in Akwa Ibom.

James said; “There is a lot of controversy around how we met because my husband used to be one of the managers for a friend of mine. That was how we met. And a lot of blogs have had a lot to say about how we met but I’ve never ever come out to talk about it. And I think I want to keep it that way.

“We are happy. We dated for quite a while. I think for almost two years. After a year and some months, we got engaged and then we played the wedding for almost six months.”