I love Nigerians – Indian Influencer says she wants to relocate to Nigeria (Video)

An Indian lady known as Donna has said that she wants to relocate to Nigeria because there are many things she loves about the West African nation.

She said that she can prepare Nigerian dishes and it has always been her desire to not just visit the country but become a permanent resident.

The woman made the statement while appearing on Melody Fidel’s Instagram live session, where she declared her love for the people.

Donna explained that she has a Nigerian friend in her home country who taught her how to cook local delicacies.

The Social media Influencer said she can cook Banga soup, Egusi, Okra, Oha, jollof and fried rice. She also said that she can speak Igbo language but not fluently.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, fabslimtox1; Aunti chori chori chupke chukpe… Ema try lati kabi Kushi kabi Gham wa si Nigeria ooo …. whalai Ema Ja Damendra wonu sunita pada ni ooo… FAKATI

nellyb72; We won’t tell you shaa…come and witness🌚

officialpeti; Nigeria is truly blessed, if only we have a working leadership. Our nation would have been a gateway heave on earth 🥹

petra_vestire; This lady is half cast… her accent is pure Naija

thefoodnetworknig2; That’s a Nigerian woman with Indian phonecase…

dorapanther; You just have to love us.. we are the coolest people on Earth if not for this our yeye government we are good to go

Meanwhile, a former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has issued warning to Nigerians celebrating their relocation to foreign countries.

He said Africans who are traveling to Europe and North American nations would most likely be consripted into the army and shipped to Ukraine.

Garba said those celebrating being part of the ‘japa’ group will regret their actions by the time they are made to fight in the Ukraine war.

According to him, North America and Europe are looking for expendable persons that will be sent to war and Black African men, especially Nigerians will be among those that will be shortlisted.

The politician stated this while lambasting a lady who went on Twitter to celebrate after she secured her residency permit in Canada.

“I’m officially a Permanent Resident in Canada. 2022 couldn’t have ended any better. Goodbye Nigeria 🇳🇬 I will not miss you,” she wrote.

In response, Adamu said; “They’ll soon conscript you to go to war in Ukraine. All those doing Japa will regret their actions soon. North America and Europe are looking for expendable assets to dispose at war front. The black guys moving their, especially Nigerians will soon discover themselves in Ukraine.”