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”I live on 200 naira daily” – Unemployed man with PhD, two master’s cries out for help



A Nigerian doctorate degree holder has shocked social media users with details of his struggles in life amid his level of academic achievement.

Dr. Ayomiku took to microblogging site, Twitter to list his qualifications in his quest to secure a job as his years of furthering his education seems not to be working out as expected.

According to the man with a PhD, two master’s degrees and a bachelor’s degree, he is only able to survive on 200 naira daily.

While pleading with people to come to his aid in becoming gainfully employed, he said he is hoping for a better tomorrow.

Dr. Ayomiku tweeted;


Please i’m looking for a job. I have a PhD in Microbial Pharmacology, M.Phil in Microbial Pharm, MSc. in Anatomy, BTech. Microbiology. I have vast experiences in education & Information technology.
I’m a quick learner & studious individual

”You’ll be so surprise that I live on #200 daily to sustain myself and aside that I’m only hoping for a better tomorrow. I sought this far for academic knowledge to be able to conquer the world now the world is winning against me”

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