“I know things are hard” – Singer, Lady Donli announces free December concert

Rising Nigerian Alte singer, Lady Donli, has promised her fans that the show she will hold this December will be free.

She attested to being aware of how hards things are in Nigeria and noted that there will be no fee for her concert in Lagos state.

Lady Donli

Donli made the announcement through her Twitter account on Wednesday, November 22, explaining that she made the decision after considering the hardship in the country

The ‘MY Ability’ crooner wrote; “I know things are hard on streets so this December in Lagos my show is going to be Free 🧑🏾‍🎤”

See the post:

In related news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that Nigerian music star, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, aka Wizkid promised that fans will no longer be required to purchase tickets before they can attend his shows in Lagos state.

He stated this during his December 2022 Live in Lagos concert, which he had earlier announced would be his last show in Lagos.

The award-winning singer said his statements are often misquoted, and the recent one about his concert in the city was one of them.

Wizkid noted he will have to start completing his sentences so that it will not be misreported by news outlets and social media users.

According to Big Wiz, when he made the post on his social media page what he meant was that it will be the last time his fans will pay for his show in Nigeria’s commercial capital because it will be free from 2023.

Speaking on stage during a pause of his performance, Starboy said that he felt it was unfair for him to perform all around the world and still return home to ask his people to pay and watch him perform.