I introduced a close friend to tech only for her to hack my bank account – Software Engineer

A software engineer identified as Paula Paul has revealed that she taught a friend tech skills who then used the knowledge against her after learning.

The lady said she introduced the friend to decentralised finance also known as (DeFi) and she made her first million from the field.

Paula said that at a time her pal was cashing out big, her own account was hacked and emptied by an unknown person.

She visited the friend to lament about how everything she worked hard to earn through the years was wiped clean.

In a dramatic twist of events, she later discovered that it was the same bestie who hacked her account.

The techie revealed that he was eventually able to recover 90 percent of the funds back as she had already spent out of the money.

Paula tweeted; ”I taught a very close friend Defi and she made her first millions from it, taught her jobs and she made more money from it, I was later hacked and all my funds was drained, I went to her, cried to her and explained how I worked so hard for it, I later found out she was the thief.”

@rukky_nate wrote; Paula please tell me you where able to recover some of the funds or at least you showed her shege?

@_paulapaul replied; ”I got 90% back, she spent some before I found out, but atleast I got them.”

In reaction, @OgbeniAyoola wrote; So sorry this happened and more glad you recovered 90% back. Now that we pray a repetition won’t happen, will you teach me DeFi?

@Onyams1; Jesu, this is bad. Some humans are just WICKED for no single reason. You will bounce back boss

@pretty_benie; I was told by a fellow that people will pure heart are not meant for this world. Cus we get hurt the most.

@ahm_aj; This is a lot to take down .. but human generally shouldn’t be trusted , I keep saying this . Trust issues is not an insecurity rather it’s a life starter pack

@EcommerceLord; Omo sorry dear, reminds me of 2017 when I was in school snuck in some provisions into the hostel (there was a no provisions rule in school 😂) shared some with the close guys, one of em stole my spare and made away with everything, life.

In related news, a honest Nigerian man passed off on a chance to be over one million naira richer after money was mistakenly credited to his account.

The guy known as @KingOpeOfAbj on Twitter said 1,900 BUSD equivalent to N1.4 million was deposited into his Bitcoin wallet and he had the thought of using the money to celebrate this December.

He said he thought of booking flight to Lagos immediately and commence steady ‘balling’ with the money.

However, he had a change of heart because he later realised that it was not miracle money.

He wrote; ”Earlier today someone mistakenly deposited 1900 busd to my Wallet, that’s like N1.4m, lots of thoughts came in like Abi na December miracle money ni, make I rush book my Lagos flight go do 2weeks balling back to back with 1.4m.

but then I knew… It was NO miracle money, this is definitely someone’s hard earn money and it’s December, what if it was my money? I mean it could someone’s whole year savings so i decided to leave it while waiting to be contacted by the owner or customer service which happened this evening. It was fully refunded. Well… guess I won’t be oppressing nobody in Lagos this December 🌚”