I haven’t gotten any of Dagrin’s royalties since his death – Brother, Trod

Trod, the brother of Dagrin has said that he does not receive any royalties for any of his late brother’s songs.

The up-and-coming singer stated this on Twitter in a bid to refute claims of “siphoning” royalties of his Dagrin’s music.

Dagrin died 13 years ago, on April 22, 2010, after being involved in an auto accident.

There had been accusations in some quarters that Trod was getting paid and enjoying the money secretly while his family was suffering

The allegation became more intense after the recent video of their mother crying out to Nigerians for help.

In reaction, Trod said he knows nothing about the royalties and he challenged whoever has been receiving it since 2010 to make themselves known.

He tweeted; “I dunno shiit about Grins Royalties ..The person who has been getting paid for 13 years should come out. DMCE whatever?!”

It may be recalled that few days ago Dagrin’s mother revealed that she has been living in a pitiable condition.

The woman said she is selling food by the roadside but it is very stressful due to her age and the money generated is not enough to sustain her family.

She lamented about being poor and said her family needs a suitable accommodation. The elderly woman begged for Nigerians to raise between N3million to N5million so that she can start a business.

She also explained that she cannot go and beg rap star, Olamide for money because she sees him as a son and it feels wrong.

“Please I am poor and I want Nigerians to come and help me, I currently sell food by the roadside but the stress is too much and I am getting really old.

I need accommodation, please Nigerians I need like N3Million – N5Million, I can’t go and beg Rapper Olamide for money because it is somehow as he is not an Elder, I look at him like a son,” she said.