I haven’t been sleeping right for days – J. Cole apologises for dissing Kendrick Lamar

American Hip Hop star, J. Cole has apologised for releasing a diss track against his colleague Kendrick Lamar, who earlier dissed him.

Kendrick had mocked him and Drake on Future and Metro Boomin’s new song, ‘Like That’, and Cole decided to respond in his surprise project ‘Might Delete Later’.

J. Cole apologises for dissing Kendrick Lamar

CorrectNG recalls that in Lamar’s verse, he stated that contrary to assumptions that he, Drake, and J.Cole are currently the three biggest rappers in the United States, he is the only big rapper.

Responding to the diss in a track, J. Cole rapped; “I got a phone call that said somebody was dissing…He fell off like the Simpsons.. Your first shxxt was classic, your last shxxt was tragic…

Your 2nd shxt put to sleep but they gassed it… Your 3rd sh*t was massive hit that was your prime… I was trailing right behind but I just now hit mine.”

J. Cole Kendrick Lamar diss

However, during his performance at the 2024 Dreamville Festival in North Carolina on Sunday night, Cole apologised to Lamar and promised to take the diss track off streaming services.

He said; “I’m so proud of my latest project, ‘Might Delete Later,’ except for one part. Is one part of that shxt that made me feel like that is the l@mest shxt I ever did in my fxcking life… I struggled with my spirit to put out the Kendrick Lamar’s diss. That shxt doesn’t sit right with my spirit. That sh*t disrupt my peace.

“What I want to say tonight is that in the midst of me doing that shxt and downplaying this ngga’s [Lamar’s] catalogue and his greatness, I want to say right now tonight, how many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest to ever to pick up a microphone?

“Dreamville, I love Kendrick Lamar. I pray that my n*gga [Lamar] didn’t feel bad. I haven’t been sleeping right the last few days…We taking that diss off streaming services.”