I have to depend on you for my needs – Nigerian lady tells boyfriend during video call

A Nigerian lady has been captured on tape informing her boyfriend that she is a very dependent girlfriend.

She said that she needs to be pampered and taken care of by him because she cannot do so by herself.

The young woman was speaking with her man via video call and she said that if she does not depend on him, she will die.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, mosesdee1 wrote; Nah……. 🤦‍♂️God abeg; no matter how bad or things get worse in my generation, God abeg help us and give us all the grace not to raise daughters with these kind of mindset!

ama_berry39; She’s actually the kind of person most men go for . Independent women die of loneliness this days

bobbii7; Let’s normalize only going for rich women. Make we throw money inside money.

rhemaa73; You need a job young woman, you’re not disabled….stop stressing our brothers please 🤦‍♀️

kazeemisrael; I’m a traditional Nigerian man and I see nothing wrong in this statement really. We’ve been taught from childhood that we men are providers while women are nurturers and that women must be taken care of.

I see no big deal in this statement actually. If I have money, why should my lady not depend solely on me? If she doesn’t depend on me, who then should she depend on?

scrutinizer101; A women without her own source of income is a helpless woman 💯

adaikwerre; If you are Dependent on him and will DYE if you aren’t taken care of, then Worship him, respect him and give him peace because he is Your god.

nnenna_blinks_; These kind of attachment are destructivè. Whether mentally, emotionally or materialistically. It takes pa!n and heartachè to detach when it doesn’t go well along the line.

Meanwhile, a lady recently went on social media to seek advice regarding her relationship of two years and how to manage a recent discovery.

She said her man takes care of her financial needs when necessary, but she discovered that she is an abusive relationship.

According to her, the guy has anger issues and whenever they get into an argument, he shouts overwhelming at her that she ends up apologising.

She explained that she took a Google relationship test and it revealed that she is in a toxic relationship.

She confessed to still being in love with him despite the unpleasant character traits and the fact that he condemns almost everything she does.

She highlighted some of the problems he sees in her, which includes the way she dresses, and she said she cannot have a casual conversation with him because he will always find fault in her statement. The lady lamented about being confused and stuck in the relationship with him.