I have no record of infidelity or domestic violence – Bolanle Ninalowo addresses concerns

Nigerian movie star, Bolanle Ninalowo has set the record straight regarding any assumptions people might have that his marriage to Bunmi crashed due to infidelity or domestic violence.

He said that for about seven years that they were married, there were no claims by his ex-wife or anyone else that he cheated or physically abused her.

Bolanle made the statement in an interview on TVC “Your View,” as he explained how his wife became famous because he was always celebrating her on social media.

Bolanle Ninalowo infidelity domestic violence

The Nollywood actor further said that is who he is as a lover, and if he were to get another woman, he would celebrate her he same way.

He said; “You can’t wear a mask for 6 months, not to talk of 5 or 6 years. In the past five, six, seven years have you heard anything infidelity about me? have you heard of domestic violence.

“If you have a woman, any kind of woman in today’s world, where people must be heard. A woman as beautiful that you saw me celebrating.

“First of all, none of you guys knew that woman until I brought her out to celebrate her. Everything you celebrate today is of me celebrating a woman.

“She is not a Star, she became a star through me through my love. So get that fact very clear, when I meet another woman tomorrow and I fall in love with her, I’ll do exactly the same thing. I am lover.”

Meanwhile, Bolanle Ninalowo said in another part of the interview that his ex-wife, Bunmi was not a mistake, rather her presence in his life was divine.

The actor said; “I’m a very special person. I’m anointed. I’m graceful and very spiritual. My ex-wife was not a mistake in my life; it was divine, and the next woman I will meet will also be divine.

“You can not have a destination without a journey. I’m not interested in a million women. When I see the woman, I will know.”