I have never made sexual advances to my clients – Kemen

Big Brother Naija ‘See Gobe’ contestant and fitness trainer, Kemen says he has never made any sexual or inappropriate advances to his clients in or out of the gym.

He made the statement while having a chat with On-Air-Personality, Omotunde Adebowale David, popularly known as Lolo 1 during the latest episode of her podcast ‘Say My Piece’.

I have never made sexual advances to my clients - Kemen

The reality TV star said that in his 10 years as a physical trainer, he has never made any sexual advances towards any of his clients.

Kemen confidently dared anybody with evidence suggesting that he has done otherwise to come forward and counter his claim.

He said; “In my 10 years of being a personal trainer, if you have been my client or know anyone that has been my client that I have had any sexual relationship with, drop your receipts”.

The BBNaija alum was speaking after Lolo 1 said; “Stats say that 80% of the people that come to the gym now are career prostitvtes”.

In response, Kemen faulted the statistics and said those behind the stats were generalising based on their personal experiences.

According to him, anybody whose life has changed due to constant visit to the gyms would never mke such ludicrous statement.

He said; “Whoever is behind that stat is one of the career prostitvtes that was just successful in trying to prostitvte in the gym.

“We make commercial sex work look like it’s very easy. If commercial sex work was as easy or profitable as a lot of people think it is, an average girl would most likely… Who wants to suffer?

“Even as a man, if sleeping with girls was the easy thing to do… For anybody that has had their life and health changed in the gym, will never say this thing.”