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I have been sleeping with your husband – Woman confesses to her friend



A Nairobi-based woman named Karen, recently took a great risk by confessing that she has been in an affair with her friend’s husband.

In a video shared by Standard Media, Karen revealed how she betrayed her friend, Beatrice by sleeping with her husband while she was heavily pregnant.

Karen said she has been living with bitterness and regrets since committing the grievous act and could not live with the betrayal she committed.

The two women have been friends since college and their friendship was so true that she supported her marriage fully on meeting the man.

However, things took a dramatic and unexpected turn when Beatrice got pregnant leading her hubby to seek warmth in the hands of Karen.

We were friends since college and after school she was blessed with a husband and I was very supportive of her marriage. However, after a year, she got pregnant and her hubby started seducing me,” Karen revealed.

Karen added that she thought her friend’s hubby was coming to her for advice on how to handle their marriage but they found themselves in an intimate affair.

She said it got to a point of her feeling guilty but that she did not know how to inform Beatrice of the issue.

A solution presented itself in the form of media personality, Anthony Ndiema and his show Msamaha, as Karen finally got the opportunity to open up to Beatrice and seek forgiveness.

”I decided to look for Beatrice and tell her everything before she could hear it from anyone else. I wanted to seek her forgiveness because I was hurting, she was my friend.’‘ Beatrice added.

Well, thanks to Ndiema and his show, Karen was able to get the forgiveness she was seeking from her long time friend.

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