I hate Valentine’s Day because my ex cheated on that day – BBTitans’ Mmeli

Big Brother Titans housemate, Mmeli says he does not like Valentine’s Day because of the heartbreak he suffered at the hands of his ex-girlfriend.

The South African contestant stated this on Thursday as he explained that he found out that his ex cheated on him on February 14, 2015.

Mmeli and his partner in the house, Jenni O were having their joint Dairy session with Big Brother when he opened up about his past bitter relationship.

Jenni has first informed Biggie that Mmeli hates Valentine’s Day but said that he refused to open up to her about his reason.

When Big Brother questioned him, the podcaster said caught his babe cheating on him on that day and he still has PTSD till date.

Jenni said: “My partner hates Valentine’s day, he refused to open up to me but he may open up to you BB.”

Biggie: “Mmeli! Why do you hate Valentine’s day?”

Mmeli: “I hate Valentine because in 2015, i was cheated on by my ex on Valentine’s day, so i still have PTSD”

Similarly, media personality, Denrele Edun recently shared a heartbreak experience that happened on Valentine’s Day.

He said his ex-girlfriend dumped him on February 14th around 3am and explained to him that she cannot love him the way he loves her.

Speaking during an interview with Hawa Magaji, on ‘Who is in My House’ show, Denrel said he let the girl know that he still loved her but agreed to let her go.

The actor also revealed that they are still friends till date because it is part of a personal decision he made to still maintain friendship with people’s he’s dated.

Denrele said; “I was jilted on Valentine’s Day. At about 3am in the morning, the person told me that she could not love me back the way I loved her. I replied that I could still love her, but I would let her go. I always remain friends with all the people I have been involved with (romantically) over the years.”

He also talked about his dress sense and lamented about people still condemning him for how he dresses despite the number of years he has put into the industry.

The TV host said; “I have been haunted so much by people saying I don’t dress the way one is supposed to dress. Even when I comb my hair and wear proper suits, people compare me to other media personalities.”

Denrele, however, added that no matter what people think of him, he had resolved to always remain authentic.

“Authenticity, for me, is about living my life on my terms, and being as original as possible in my mode of expression, in line with my beliefs,” he said.