I got the idea for my movie while in a drunken state – Tiwa

Sensational singer, songwriter and actor, Tiwa has revealed that the movie she produced and starred in ‘Water & Garri’ was conceived while she was intoxicated.

The ‘Kele Kele Love’ hit-maker made this known at the pre-launch press conference held at the Livespot Entertainment Centre in Lagos, on Thursday.

‘Water & Garri’ premiered on Prime Video on May 10, 2024 and it was the singer’s first time acting in a movie.

I got the idea for my movie while in a drunken state - Tiwa

According to Tiwa, she was drunk in her room when she idea for the film came to her and whe she informed her team, they did not shut her down.

“I said this before, this is an idea I had in my head when I was drunk in my room, and when I brought the idea to my amazing team, they didn’t make me feel stvpid. They actually just said this is a brilliant idea,” she recounted.

The movie stars Andrew Bunting (as Kay), Mike Afolarin (as Mide), and Jemima Osunde (as Stephany). Filming took place in Cape Coast, Ghana, and directed by Meji Alabi.

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CorrectNG recalls that Tiwa recently opened up on how she initially loved acting but dumped the idea because of a man she was crushing on.

The ‘Eminado’ crooner said she left her dream of becoming an actor and delved into music just so that she could get closer to her crush, who was usually around musicians.

Tiwa revealed this during a recent interview with MTV Live while speaking on her role as a producer and promoting her new movie project, “Water and Garri”.

According to the mother-of-one, who made her Nollywood debut in the soon-to-be released movie, acting is a full circle moment for her.

She said; “I’ve always wanted to do acting. Acting was one of my first love before music. I got into music because I had a crush on a guy and he was always around the musician so I said ‘Yeah, forget acting and just go into music.’

“So this is a full circle moment for me to come back into doing acting. And executive producing is like a dream for me.”