I Go Save’s daughter queries him over lack of resemblance, requests DNA test (Video)

Harmony, the daughter of famous Nigerian comedian, I Go Save has expressed doubt over her paternity because she and her father ‘do not look alike’.

In a video posted on social media by the comic act, the little girl could be seen talking about the noticeable different in their physical features.

I Go Save’s daughter queries him over lack of resemblance, requests DNA test

She mentioned that she does not have his bald head or the moustache her dad has. The small girl pointed out that their eyes are different and the open teeth she has is two while he was just one.

Harmony insisted that for her to confirm if I Go Save is truly her father, it would require a DNA test, the cost of which he would bear.

She then told her dad that she hopes he understands the terms and conditions and that if he is ready, he should call the NHS and ensure.

Watch video below:

zarasinglezee1 commented; The funny thing is she is saying all these while looking like her father’s twin.😂😂😂❤️

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anita_ehimare; See photocopy dey find DNA you wey look like your Dad 😂

pandawhyteee; Baby girl your eyes and forehead na daddy get am no worry😂😂😂

hermothersdaughta; Baby girl grow up and use your money for DNA. Asking for DNA when you look like your daddy twins 😂. Daddy self won’t try wasting his money. E rather use the money chop isiewu.