I go beat you – VeryDarkman confronts FRSC officials on highway for disobeying road rules (Video)

Nigerian online activist, Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as VeryDarkman has queried some officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC for not obeying the rules that guide road use.

VeryDarkman spotted an FRSC van parked on a major road as an officer was fixing something on the body, and he immediately confronted them for not putting a triangle behind as stipulated in the road use act.

VeryDarkman confronts FRSC officials

In a trending video, the moment he questioned them, the officer hopped into the vehicle and made to zoom off with his colleague.

But the TikToker emphasised that they are breaking the rules which they confiscate people’s cars for and he wanted them to know that it was wrong.

However, as VeryDarkman was talking, the FRSC official started insulting him so he returned the insults with equal measure.

Watch the video below:

@MayJaYBaE; He don dey overdo but Nigeria law enforcers sef no dey follow the laws dem lay down

@ElsaLovesEth; They were caught red handed 😂😂 Oga anything you say will be use against you for court of law 🤣🤣🤣.. Weldone VDM🥂

@youngskidmusic; Law is law. No one is supposed to have immunity. Just in Lagos… KAI will cross the road to arrest someone who didn’t use the overhead bridge. We both cross the road bro, so we’re both offenders. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

This kind of energy is what we need to fix this country. They moved away in shame because they were unharmed. This is the same truth our pol!cemen need most times, but they’ll use it against you and treat you like an!mal because of ammunition.