I get jealous of Portable’s other women – Baby mama, Ashabi Simple

Nigerian actress and baby mama to Portable, Akinyanju Omobolarinde also known as Ashabi Simple, has said she sometimes gets jealous of other women in the singer’s life.

The thespian stated this in an interview, adding that she understands that it is due to the nature of his job as a musician

Ashabi Simple also showered the ‘Zazuu’ crooner with accolades because he still dedicates time to her every despite his hectic life.

Ashabi simple jealous

According to the actress, Portable, who is her fiance and father of her child, is her mentor, that was always protective of her.

She said, “When it comes to his relationships, he is very protective. When I see him with other women, I sometimes get jealous, but I caution myself, knowing that he is a celebrity. However, he is always open and that is better than hiding (keeping secrets). I am used to it all.”

She also disclosed that Portable often surprised her with gifts, but noted that although she gets pampered, she was not one to lazy around.

Ashabi said; “If I am dating him because of his money, I would be tired by now. No one forces Portable to do anything, and I do not have a problem with that, because I do a lot for myself. I have always been like that.

“Before I started my clothing business, I worked as a bus conductor, bartender, and I sold pieces of jewelry, before I started attending filmmaking class and working in the film industry as a manager. And, that was where I started making money.”