I gave my school fees to my boyfriend, but he used it to buy phone for a girl – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady has recounted the time she gave her school fees to her boyfriend only for him to use it to buy a gift for another girl.

The working class woman known on Twitter as @Auntymuse said she sent her tuition to her man when she was in school because he made her believe his mum had a serious medical condition but she found out it was a lie.

According to her, the guy used the money to buy a Blackberry for another girl who eventually broke his heart. She found out the truth about what happened through his friends.

Sadly, her ex-boyfriend later lost his mother in an accident around the time they were graduating from school.

@Auntymuse wrote; “Is it the one I sent my school fee thinking the mom was dieing only for me to find out, he gave another woman the money to buy a black Berry phone who served him breakfast.

He grief twice because he actually lost the mom (died) and lost me (walked away). His friends give him away and I investigated and it was true. The mom died from an accident when we were rounding up.”

Meanwhile in similar news…

A Ghanaian lady has revealed that she ended her relationship with her boyfriend because he was not living up to certain financial responsibilities that she expected of him.

The young woman known as Enyonam accused the guy of being stingy because even as he was rich he refused to pamper her with money.

She was disappointed and angry that her rich lover allowed her to owe school fees instead of rising up to expectations and paying her tuition.

She shared her story on Twitter and noted that it happened when she was much younger. She said that they dated for almost a year and in that time he never spent up to 5,000 Ghc on her.

Enyonam who said she was foolish for being with him, however, added that she did not let him take her to bed while they were still dating.

She wrote; “You people are stingy. I have date a man for close to a year and he hasn’t even spent up to 5000ghc on me before. I was young then and very foolish. So lucky I didn’t let him have sxx with me ever! This nxgxa was rich yet I still owed school fees. Some of you are stingy!”