I flew economy to London – Phyna reacts as Khloe reveals she can’t enter economy class

Big Brother Naija winner, Josephina ”Phyna” Otabor, has responded to her colleague, Khloe’s remarks about not wanting to fly economy.

Khloe had declared her preference for business class because whenever she uses economy class, she suffers severe neck pains and feels cramped.

Khloe economy

She also said why she loves business class is because of the the luxury and comfort it offers, including spacious seating and service like champagne.

In reaction, Phyna who did not address Khloe directely shared her own flight experience via her Twitter page.

The reality TV star said she flew economy to and fro London, United Kingdom and was reconised by a passenger on one of the flights, who then greeted her.

”I flew economy to and fro London And someone on the flight said hi phyna, after exchanging pleasantries, she then asked why are you flying economy Phyna…I’m coming back for this topic Make I Go,” Phyna tweeted.

Read some comments…

@topensyy; They want you to live above your means, na dem go still laugh you when they see you inside God is good bus

@Pillarblessing; So people way dey enter economy no be complete humans

@Diplomat_jay; My dear if bus from Lagos to UK Dey next time , abeg use am, so that you fit stop buy gala for road, no let anybody pressure you 😂😂, na same pilot wey fly first class people na him still fly economy and na same time una land 😂

@Toughfact; This is why Phyna will always be their mother!👏👏👏 You are really fighting the rote and useless “wokeism” enslaving designers ladies of our time. 👌👌

@NwokochaIj10422; I sure say na one of those sugar daddy “play things” ……they keep living big on someone else’s money and be feeling like they have arrived 🙄