I don’t watch football, but I have a lot of footballers as friends – Wizkid

Nigerian Afrobeats superstar, Ayodeji Balogun also known as Wizkid has revealed that he does not watch football or support any club.

He made this known while being interviewed by a presenter during his tour of Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London.

Wizkid added that he has many players as friends, and they get angry at him whenever they are having a conversation about football and he cannot contribute because he does not know what they were talking about.

The Ojuelegba hit-maker, however said that even though he does not watch, he plays football.

When asked what position he plays, he said ‘every position baby’ but added that he is a centre forward.

“I actually don’t watch football, I no go lie, but I have a lot of footballers as friends, they get mad at me cos I don’t know what’s they’re talking about,” he said.

Watch the interview:

Meanwhile, Nigerian lawyer Bobo ”Prince” Ajudua, has said that fans are the reason there is still ‘beef’ between Davido and his counterpart, Wizkid.

He said the comparison between both artistes is similar to that of football stars, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo whose fans are always at loggerheads.

According to Prince, the Portuguese striker and Argentine playmaker have a healthy competition and are often friendly whenever they meet.

He said the same would have been applicable to Davido and Wizkid’s case but fans keep encouraging the perceived rivalry between the duo.

The manager also gave a hint that the colleagues who are both at the top, speak to each other often but many people are not aware.

The lawyer said; What is happening between Davido and Wizkid is similar to what is happening with two great footballers— Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. If you put both of them in the same room, you will find them sharing jokes with each other.

These two have a healthy competition between them and that is always welcome. At the same time, we must appreciate their teams because without them there is no way both parties will have come this far or attained the heights they are at today.

Considering the length of time these two have spent at the top, I am certain that at many points in their careers, if the other one was not there, they would have felt very lonely at the top. Also, the two of them speak more often than people would ever realise.