I don’t want to make Heaven again – Man asks his church to refund all his tithes amid worsening hardship (Video)

A Nigerian man identified as Maazi Chukwudiaso Onyema, has appealed to Dunamis International Gospel Center to refund all his tithes as the hardship in Nigeria is biting him hard.

He made the appeal in a video circulating on social media as he said he is no longer interested in the Kingdom of God.

The young man showed his tithe card in the clip and gave a lengthy speech about how he had allegedly been brainwashed and he was in the proper frame of mind when he paid the tithes to the church.

Onyema said he is currently suffering and has calculated all the money in his tithe card and wants it back. He said he does not need the offering or gifts he has given to the church.

He said that he joined the Dunamis church in 2008 and he was told to store up treasures for himself in heaven through tithes.

The man who also showed two certificates he got after attending training in the church, added that he was hungry and there was a lot of suffering.

Onyema further explained how his bank failed him due to the current situation in Nigeria.

Watch video below:

In reaction, naijamortgages said; No wonder it didn’t profit him, any giving not coming from a willing and a joyful heart is unacceptable and unworthy. How can something unworthy yield reward ? If you won’t give joyfully and in faith – eat your seed.

therealgabrieljulius said; God please strengthen your son with strength in his inner man. He has followed you, don’t allow his faith to fail completely. Uphold him by your hand and let him be restored to his first love for you and a burning heart for the kingdom , I command supernatural restoration for him Jesus name, Amen.Everything will be fine again.

godypscent said, The just shall live by faith, use God’s word and remind of of your kingdom service, him alone will reward you,pray to him, after all bible says give cheerfully 🤗”.

ceentia___ said, The money is not refundable, your investment is waiting for you in heaven

mcsojaboi said, It’s only in Nigeria that during hard times like this the church will never supports its member even just to distribute a small bag of rice .. smh.

dare253official said; Sir, I understand you have a situation. But when you paid those tithes, the church used the money to buy diesel in the gen to run Sunday services which you attended, they paid instrumentalist that plays the drums which you danced to. Do you expect them to go and recover this money to pay you back? Respectfully go to the welfare committee and ask for help. Not asking for refund of tithe. God bless you sir.