I don’t want to go broke – Portable (Video)

Famous Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portable, has said he does not want to go broke because nobody celebrates failure.

The street-hop artiste said he chose to always be controversial because that is how he creates his own content and makes money.

Portable who recently featured in an episode of the Assorted Podcast, said he is multi-talented person that can do anything for money except to steal.

He described the entertainment industry as a warzone where everyone is fighting to succeed and it is not necessarily a competition with people but a battle against poverty.

The Zazuu star added that that he has come to realize that it’s when he ‘para’ that people listen to him so he does more of that.

Portable said; “For inside life na poverty we dey fight. Who wan broke?… I don’t want to go broke because dem no dey celebrate failure. I discover now, the more I para the more dem hear me.

I am a content creator, I am musician, I am an entertainer, I can do anything just because of money but I cannot thief.”

Watch the video:

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@OluBami1; Content creator, this guy is wise somewhat. If music no pay content go make am relevant

@XDOTCOM007; For him to be where he is I have no doubt he must be streetwise upstairs

@BEE6TH; Guy knows what’s up. . Does everything deliberately to promote his brand

@EmpressPerpeti; I really need portable in a movie 😂😂😂😂😂 @funkeakindele please na you fit deliver

@simo2rule; The only Nigerian celeb that gets me glued when he on the mic. A super intelligent man.

@SunnyEmerson_; so much to learn from this clip, very smart choice of words & a unique perspective to his work and strategy

@BlokeOfHonour; Portable is still the MVP for the year…. He’s got the knacks, he’s got the words, he’s got the vibes…

@Gyamfim1; Portable is very smart when you hear him speak for real.

@Kamhini1; Sango loni wahala,agege loni awawa, ikorodu l’oga wa….Abeg nobody get street slang pass Portable for this industry. His slangs are not just any silly slangs but slangs that has deep meaning to reason.