I don’t think my past two marriages were failures – Funke Akindele

Popular Nollywood actress and producer, Funke Akindele has said she doesn’t regard her two failed marriages as failures.

The mother-of-two who explained that her mother taught her that without failure, there can’t be success. She said her priority is to live an impactful life and cater for her children and siblings.

Funke Akindele two failed marriages

Akindele, who said in an interview with Wazobia FM Lagos that her mental health and career are more important, added that she just takes marriage as it comes and stressing that her .

She said; “If you ask me now can you tell me one failure, I don’t see it as a failure. My personal life – marriage, I just take it as it comes. My mental health is very important. My career is very important, darling.

“I have to make an impact. I have to empower a lot of people. I have to inspire young people out there. I have to stay strong for my children and my siblings. Why am I living? I have a purpose, so my head is up. Yes I cry, yes I break down, but after I cry, I just look in the mirror and say, ‘keep moving’”.

In other news…

General Overseer of Calvary Bible Church, Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, has revealed that his first wife had been married twice before he met her.

He said the woman, whose identity he did not reveal during an interview aired on Okonkwo’s YouTube channel, repeatedly abused him during their nine years of marriage.

The famous clergyman further stated that the wife, whose identity he did not disclose, told him about her unsuccessful marriages and claimed that the second ended allegedly because of her ex-husband’s broken promises and infidelity.

Emmanuel said; “There are some things I won’t say to protect them. I became a pastor at the age of 21. I got married in 1997. This information is coming to the public domain for the first time. A lot of people didn’t know, so I just kept quiet. I lost friends. And people didn’t know, God said I should keep quiet because he would fight for me and vindicate me. I was a victim.

“I met this beautiful daughter of Zion, and when I met with her, we started as business partners and friends. As a business partner, I didn’t know much about her personal life. When we came into contact with each other, it was time to get married, I proposed to her. And then we started a courtship; she explained to me that she was not divorced but that she had been married twice. During this period she told me her story.”