I don’t pray before entering coffin for movie role – Kanayo

Nollywood legend, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has revealed that he does not sanctify himself or pray against unforeseen forces after taking up a role that involves him going into a coffin.

The actor who is famous for acting as a ritualist in movies, stated that he has a God-given talent, hence the reason he is not bothered about principalities.

Kanayo runs nollywood

Kanayo made the revelation in a recent interview with Eastern Eye TV. He said he does not need to bind unseen forces, rather he just plays the role without any sentiment.

He said; “God gave me a talent. When I’m playing a role in a movie that involves going into a coffin. I do not sanctify myself or start binding unseen forces. I just play my role and get out. #KOKisOK.”

In other news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that Kanayo reacted to an ironic post on microblogging platform, Twitter that alluded to his role as a ritualist in movies.

An investigative blog had reported that the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Olukayode Ariwoola warned judges not to bring shame to the judiciary.

Popular businessman and influencer, Cross responded by using a movie analogy to point out how ironic the CJN’s warning sounds.

He quoted the post and tweeted; “Kanayo O. Kanayo cautions Clem Ohameze against money rituals.”

Kanayo, who understood the reference, instilled fear in Cross by simply replying; ‘hmmm’ with angry emojis.

The Twitter user later tendered an apology to the actor dubbed Nnayi Sacrifice owing to his signature evil acts in film.