I don’t pay 10 percent tithe – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

General Overseer of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has revealed that he does not pay 10 percent of his income as tithe.

The clergyma who recently stirred controversy with an attack on white garment churches, explained that he pays more tha 10 percent as tithe.

Ibiyeomie stated this while addressing members of his church on Sunday in Rivers state, noted that God would flog him if he pays that amount.

He described the refusal to pay tithe as a form of greed and said those who fall under that category of none tithe givers find life very tight for them.

Ibiyeomie said; “In fact, these days, I don’t even pay ten, my P.A. is there. I pay far beyond ten, for every money I get.

“That is what you are struggling to pay as tithe, me I pay more than ten percent as offering. My tithe is not fifteen percent, I won’t tell you the percentage, I’m on another level. I won’t tell you what I pay as tithe. If I pay ten percent, God will flog me.

“Me, pay tithe of ten percent for what? You pay ten percent, that’s the recommended one, but me, I’m at another level.”

Meanwhile, Nigerian singer turned evangelist, Kas Shobayo, popularly known as Kas Beats, has revealed that he does not demand or collect tithes and offerings.

He stated this in an interview where he also noted that God is not present in some big churches in Nigeria.

The former Mo Hits signee opened up about his decision to switch from music to preaching the word of God.

Kas said there is a difference between one who is called to the ministry by God and those who just wake up and start a church.

He said that is the reason why God is not in some of the popular churches in the country. He said he has gone to a few but could not sense the presence of the Almighty.

According to the ‘Fimile’ crooner, he mostly organises crusades and seminars, where he does not take offerings, rather he provides food and other relief items to the congregants.

Kas added; “Whenever I preach, I don’t collect tithes and offerings. When God called me, He did not tell me to take money from people.

There is a way God provides me with money, so I do more of crusades and seminars. Any time I organise crusades and seminars, I actually give people food and other items, instead of collecting money from them.”