I don’t now if I can still marry him – Lady cries out as boyfriend uses racial slur on her because she dented his car

A black lady dating a white man is giving thought to the possibility of marrying her after a recent quarrel happened.

She said they have been dating for three years and within that period their relationship has been healthy until when he recently used a racist word on her.

The lady revealed that she accidentally dented his truck when she was trying to drive out of the parking lot and he got overtly furious about it that he hurled the N word at her.

She felt totally heartbroken and emotional about what happened and though he apologised she could not stop crying.

According to the lady, her man explained that he must have been hurt from the stress of work and school altogether which is most likely why he acted that way.

She, however noted that she does not know if it is something she can get over easily even though he keeps apologising and showing her love and affection. She noted that before the incident she would have not hesitated to say yes if he proposed but she no longer feels the same way.

She wrote; “Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 yrs.. our relationship has been very healthy up until this comment and I have always thought that I wouldn’t even hesitate to say yes if he asked me to marry him.

We have arguments, but they’re never anything too serious. Last night he really blew up at me because I accidentally put a dent in his truck when pulling out of a parking lot and he ended up calling me the hard R (I’m a black female and he’s white) he has never said anything racist before and has apologized already, but I’m very hurt and I honestly can’t stop crying.

He told me that school/work is stressing him out and that he took it out on me in that moment because the dent in the truck was just the cherry on top to everything shitty that’s been happening with him. I know that he is truthfully sorry.. he keeps on repeating it and is giving me an excessive amount of affection, but I don’t know if this is something I can just get over easily.. I love him so much, this really fxxking sxxks.”

Meawhile in other news…

A Nigerian lady recently revealed that she’s three months pregnant for her sister’s husband and she impatiently waits to have the baby. She, however, said that when she fell pregnant for the guy known as Mike, he was her boyfriend and had not married her sister yet.

Sharing her story on social media, the lady said they had a little misunderstanding and he was not picking her calls at the time.

According to the lady, she pleaded with her sister to talk to Mike on her behalf, so she paid him a visit. But when her sibling returned she advised her to forget about him, claiming that he was disrespectful. The man eventually asked for a break up, only for his ex to find out later that her sister was getting married to the same Mike.

Feeling betrayed, the younger sister visited the elder one’s matrimonial home after the wedding and seduced Mike when her sister traveled.

She said: I’m three months pregnant for my elder sister’s husband and I can’t wait to have the baby. I know you’re probably judging me right now.

Please hear me out first. All my life there’s only been one man that makes my heart skip a beat and his name is Mike. Mike and I were having a beautiful relationship until one day we had a serious argument and when I got home I couldn’t pick up my call for days so I gave his number to my elder sister to speak to him on my behalf.

According to my sister, she tried speaking to Mike and he wouldn’t listen. My sister told me to forget about Mike because he disrespected her and he’s very rude. I was confused because I know that Mike is a very respectful person. Finally, Mike asked for a breakup I tried pleading but everything showed that he had already made up his mind.

I had no option than to respect myself and move on but the whole thing was not making sense to me because how can a little misunderstanding lead to break up. Later I was done with Uni and I had to go do my national service. I came back from work one day and I got a WhatsApp message for my family WhatsApp group.