I don’t mind being deported – Nigerian lady stranded in Italy for two years begs for help (Video)

A Nigerian lady who is homeless in Italy has been seen in a video crying out to her countrymen to come to her aid.

She said that she has been in Europe two years without having any accommodation or way to feed, rather, she has been staying outside in the cold.

The woman who was being questioned by a fellow Nigerian, said she has visited the numerous migrants assistant centres in the European nation, but nobody wants to help her.

According to the woman who dressed like a mentally unstable person, she is not insane as many people believe.

She revealed that she lost her papers and has been stranded ever since but she would prefer if they can deport her.

She pleaded with people to help her out of the situation and noted that she is a woman who should not be subjected to such suffering.

Watch the video below:

gylliananthonette; To all the people that left Nigeria to look for greener pastures, may everywhere you are be green for you …May you not regret leaving

arewa_oluwanifemi_empire; I know her too well. The lady is not alright. Lots of people has try to help her severely, even me. If I see her passing in front of my shop, i will call her give her food and clothes. They don’t leave women to suffer like that in Europe. She always ran away from caritas. If ambulances 🚑 come for her. She will run from the hospital 🏥 o think the thing affecting her comes and go. In this video she sound good. But in next minute, she will tell you. She doesn’t need anybody’s help, which she really need. She’s so strong 💪 even men can survive sleeping outside the cold

restoring_womens_confidence; The reality of migration. Not everyone is successful at it and that’s why it’s important to plan well and have a solid plan in place before you uproot yourself from your country, and most importantly PRAY! May everyone who has migrated out of Nigeria for a better future experience a land that is greener on the other side. Amen.

crystalmariampeters7; Sometimes last year I saw her, I called Nigeria president association in my city Ferrara to help, they said cos she’s not in my city they can’t help, I reached out to the president of Nigeria association the city that she is currently in forli, the man said his no longer the president, no one is ready to help her, I saw her yesterday again cos what took me to her city last year, is ok for me now so I am moving to her city forli, work, sh pleaded that we should help her go back to Nigeria, me coming to Forlì I know is for good, I told her we would look for means, I pray God help me and the couple of Nigerians that will help, get a Tc and a ticket for send her home, she’s from calabar and she left 4 kids in Nigeria before she came abroad, she’s not mad,she lost everything here in Italy and faustration joined her situation and depression, for those of u saying na we send u go for this comment section, don’t judge a situation u know nothing about, and pray u don’t fall into such situation ever, love and light 💕

officialdjmoimoi; Na how she take enter Italy? Let’s try to migrate officially please to avoid all these stories. Abroad life too sweet, no suffer yourself. For me now, I never know when I wan come back Nigeria oo

kayeriom; Today’s preaching was for us to be sensitive to our neighbors and help them, I don’t know why I’m laughing, maybe the way she’s screaming, God forgive me and she’s even a Nigerian and my Calabar sister, please let’s help her in anyway that we can. How do we get to her??? Life is not easy at all, it doesn’t matter the location.

nadraassy; One out of 20 of the japa crowd is in a bad state and you have all the negative thing to say about people japaing , it’s not easy to settle in a new country where you know few or nobody at all but that shouldn’t discourage anyone that believes they can maximize their potentials if they travel abroad , this is not enough to be a discouragement, the percentage that makes it is higher than the few that gets stucked , may she find the help she needs.