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I don’t know if my dad or brother is my baby’s father – Nigerian lady cries out, seeks advice



A Nigerian lady is currently confused as to who the father of her unborn child is, as she explains how she was raped one time by dad which led to constant affair between the two of them.

She wrote to relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah who anchors iRelationship.

“Hello Osi, how are you doing? Trust fine. Your frequent updates on relationship tips have really been helpful. Please advise me on what to do. I am presently 4 weeks pregnant and confused between my Dad and my stepbrother who is responsible for the child.

“I grew up with my dad when I lost my mum at a tender age. My dad took care of me and gave me all I desired. He bought me clothes, took me for good vacations around the globe and every single thing I needed.

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“I am very obsessed with money and my dad showered me with so much that precisely I became obsessed with his money. All this while my father was aroused towards me. On a trip sometime back my dad made advances to me and I rejected him.

“On returning home my dad locked me up and he raped me and that was how an illicit affair began. After every encounter, he gave me so much money to look away. With time it became used to me and I overlooked the abominable act.

“Now to make matters worse am also having an affair with his son my stepbrother who just came into the whole scene a few months ago.

“My dad had a son from a previous failed marriage when he was in America and I never got to know about him till he surfaced some months ago.

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He’s cute and very charming, on arrival I felt lust for him. I justified this act because of the pains my father, his dad has put me through.

In summary, I seduced him and we are currently having a secret relationship.

“Is not about blaming me my dad started this whole thing and he paid me to look away.Even when I reported the issue to one of his close friends he told me never to tell anyone that I should instead date him instead of my dad.

I have been bruised and hurt by my dad now I am pregnant and I have enough money I have saved to start a new life.

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“What do I do? tell my dad and stepbrother am pregnant? Take off the child or quietly travel to Canada have my child there and live a new life far away from these two men. No insult please the deed has been done already she needs your advice.

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