I don’t know how to handle the pressure that comes with fame – BBNaija winner, Ilebaye

Winner of Big Brother Naija All Stars, Ilebaye Precious Odiniya, simply known as Ilebaye, has said she is struggling to cope with her newfound fame.

She said that she does not know how to handle the pressure comes with it but noted that before she returned to the BBNaija house, she made a decision to prepare herself mentally.

Ilebaye fame

The 22-year-old reality TV star opened up during an interview with The Punch, where she also said that fame has given her a family and brought many opportunities.

Ilebaye said; “I don’t really know how to handle the pressure that comes with fame. Before I went into the BBN house, I told myself that l had to be mentally ready for everything that would come.

“I just have to keep things on the low and be able to adapt to whatever comes my way. Besides, I see anything that comes my way as what is expected. It is left for me to overlook things, including clashes and backbiting, and just focus on my future.”

“Fame has done some things for me. It has given me a family; I have a lot of fans. There are many people who love me for who I am. It has brought me good luck and so many opportunities. It has basically made me the star I am today.”

Speaking on the perception people have about her pretending to be from a humble background, the self styled Gen Z baddie said; “Regarding the notion held by some people that I am from a rich home but was behaving as if I was from a modest background in the show, I will say that I was not being humble. I was just being myself in the house; that’s all.”

Furthermore, she talked about her memorable moments in the Big Brother Naija house whih include the Saturday parties and emerging winner.

“My most memorable moments on the show include when I won the grand prize, doing the arena tasks, and talking to Big Brother. Those were literally the best things, and I enjoyed them. Also, the Saturday night parties, meeting new people, and trying to socialise, were memorable moments for me.”