I don’t know how I went from ‘No Scandal’ to ‘Most Hated’ – AY Comedian

Nigerian comedian and actor, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY Comedian, has expressed shock over his unexpected move from being scandal-free to courting controversies.

He said he finds it hard to believe that that he’s been embroiled in scandals since he granted an interview where the host pointed out that he was scandal-free at the time.

How I went from 'No Scandal' to 'Most Hated' - AY Comedian

Speaking during a recent chat with actress, Iyabo Ojo on the Gold Room podcast, the 52-year-old standup comedian said it all happened like a fluke.

AY said: “The more you look at me, the more you want to think it might be some sort of fluke and the more I get hated as well.”

Iyabo Ojo responded: “I don’t think it’s the hate, I think people love you. You know the way it is with Nigerians they just have the way they expect their idols to be.”

In response, the comic act said: “I’ve been that kind of person since until somebody now interviewed me one day and said ‘Hello AY you are one of the few celebrities without scandal’ as soon as I heard the word, I just woke up one day, from without scandal to scandal.”

Nigerian comedian and actor, Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has revealed that the last advice he got from his mother before her passing shaped his life.

He recounted the struggles he endured as growing child and how his late mother, gave him some words of advice about the need to be responsible and take care of his younger siblings.

In his words; I came home to ask for money that I needed for school, and the money wasn’t available. And then, we had lost my dad. So, she [my mum] was seeing me off, she was practically walking me on the street and encouraging me. She said, ‘You know Yomi is looking up to you, Lanre is looking up to you. Your younger ones are looking up to you. Don’t go and do anything funny, don’t be a part of any cult.’

But the money dem never give me o wey I find come o but dem dey encourage me. ‘I know that it’s difficult, but then, just know that your younger ones are looking up to you. Don’t go and do anything stvpid. God will do it at the right time.’

Do you know how touching it will be getting all that messages from your mum, and then you get a call while in school that you’ve lost your mum? So, all of that moulded me like, okay, this is going to make me live a certain way of life. That was what gave me the boost to work extra hard to see myself through school, see my younger ones through school.

It was her message. Her message was mor like, ‘Your younger ones are looking up to you.’ That message was what gave me the foundation of everything that makes me stand out today.