I don’t eat breakfast – Stefflon Don

British Hip Hop artiste, Stephanie Victoria Allen, popularly known as Stefflon Don, has revealed that she does not eat breakfast.

She made this known while being interviewed on the red carpet of a recent event when she was asked if she brushes her teeth before or after breakfast.

The ex-girlfriend of Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, further dismissed the quote that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, saying she does not believe it.

Stefflon then advised other girls who are of similar size as her that they should eat later in the day because it helps with weight loss.

The reporter also queried if it is healthy and the rapper noted that she is alive and well, so it means there’s no health implications.

Stefflon Don said: “I don’t even have breakfast. I’m gonna let you in on a trick, I mean you don’t need it because you are slim. But for the girls that are thick out there and wanna lose a little bit of weight, don’t eat breakfast, eat later, eat about one O’clock. It helps to keep the weight off.”

Watch her speak below:

In other news, a 27-year-old Nigerian lady has cried out about being trapped in a relationship with a man she does not love.

She said that when they met 3 yeas ago, she did not love him but he showered her with money and she decided to give him a chance with the hopes that she will develop feelings along the way.

But despite all the good and expensive things he’s been doing for her she still does not love him, now she wants to leave but he keeps threatening her.

According to the lady, he also pays her rent and bought an iPhone which he asks her to return whenever she talks about leaving him.

She is scared and confused because she wants to end the relationship but he keeps threatening her life.

In her words; I’m 27 years of age and I started dating my boyfriend 3 years ago. When we first met,I didn’t love him but he started spoiling me with money and I decided to accept him, but knowing fully well I wasn’t into him.

I accepted him not because of the money but I wasn’t thinking I would love him or I would start to develop feelings for him. But upon all the money he has been giving me I still don’t love him…but this boy have been paying my rent and buying me gifts.

The main problem is, whenever I want to breakup with him then he goes mad… he would be threatening my life and even asking me to pay back all the things he has been doing for me especially the iPhone.