I don’t ask girls for their number – Rapper Odumodublvck

Nigerian rapper, Odumodublvck, born, Tochukwu Ojogwu has revealed that whenever he’s wooing a woman he finds attractive, he does not ask for her phone number.

He made this known while opening up on how he approaches women during a recent episode of Is This Seat Taken podcast hosted by Chinasa Anukam.

According to the Hip Hop act, any lady he approaches must first be pretty, so it will form the basis of his introductory statement.

Odumodublvck said he first asks for her name, compliments her beauty and mentions his name which would leave her intrigued.

The Declan Rice crooner said the reason he does not ask for contact number is because most girls prefer giving out their Instagram handles.

He further explained that once he gets their account username and and they begin chatting on IG then it becomes easy to get the phone number.

Watch him speak below:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian feminist, Princess Ukoko has recounted how she lambasted a man for wanting them to share financial responsibilities equally.

She revealed that she was in a talking stage with the man and in the first week, he came up with the idea of them having a 50/50 split since she practices feminism.

Princess who shared her story via microblogging platform, Twitter said she did not know when she rained insult on him.

She wrote; Randomly remembered how I was talking to this guy, first week or so of talking stage and he said something about me being feminist & how we should do 50/50. I don’t even know when I said “May the fire of the Lord consume you & the mouth you used to utter those words”

Yes! I want women to work & support their partners financially, but ratio should not be defined, the support should be seamless & not contractual 😊

Me: I want women to support financially, but it shouldn’t be contractual.

Nigerian men: “Women don’t know what they want” “Up patriarchy” “your feminism is faux” etc….

Six years of studying comprehension in secondary school & you still can’t comprehend a simple tweet🙃

You know the beautiful thing about feminism? Choice! I can choose what I want for myself as a woman.

I can choode to do 50:50 or not to, so if you like Cry today, cry tomorrow, cry forever…..it won’t change my choice, shalom😘

50:50 is impossible in any human relationship, because relationships are not limited to finances alone.



Its nothing but a FALLACY.

A tweep @Tee_Classiquem1 commented; You can’t be a feminist and frown against 50/50, if your own definition of feminism only plays out with your terms and condition then you are not a serious fellow, before you can refer to urself as a feminist, be fully ready to live by its rules and regulation, no double standard

@PrincessUkoko replied; Relationship (intimate or not) cant be 50:50, in different ways one person has to give more than the other, choosing not to entertain contractual relationships is not “selective feminism” or do you want a list of things that can’t be equally shared in a relationship?

@MunyuaLK; But I think Feminism is all about Equality?? So even in bills there should be Equality,he pays half you pay half. Or your Feminism is only applied to situations that favour you??

@PrincessUkoko responded; Equal rights, equal opportunities, freedom of choice for women. Feminism doesn’t mean “I will bring rice, you will bring Garri” or “I will wash plate, you will cook” it’s literally that simple.

@FunmbiyCarterJr; maybe the mature thing would’ve have been to describe the nuances of your own “feminism” to this man instead of the insults… but what do I know.

@PrincessUkoko said; When I say I’m feminist & I believe men & women should have equal rights, opportunities & women should be able to choose what they want for themselves & someone tries to limit it to finacial responsibilities in a relationship, I don’t waste my time with them.