I don’t allow negativity to weigh me down – Comedian Ajebo

Nigerian comedian and content creator, Emeka Erem, popularly known as Ajebo, has said that he usually ignores negative criticism.

Speaking in an interview, he said that he surrounds himself with positive people especially members of his family.

Ajebo, who said he is a media communications specialist, noted that he understands the concept of varying perceptions which is why he does not expect everybody to like him or understand his jokes.

The comic animator also talked about how he makes time for his family outside of his busy schedule.

He said; “I take time to relax. I hang out with my kids a lot. I am very involved in their lives. I work from home, so I am always available to spend time with them. I also stay away from any form of negative energy. I surround myself with positive energy, great minds and most importantly, my family.

“Aside from being a comedian, I am a media communications professional, so I know that people perceive information from different perspectives. Not everybody will understand one, and that is okay. I take constructive criticisms and work on them. However, I ignore negative criticisms.”

Recounting an instance when spontaneity on stage helped him handle an unexpected situation, the comedian said; “About five years ago, my friend, Mike Ezuruonye (an actor), was hosting a show and he threw jabs at me. AY (the comedian) called me out from the audience. I got on stage and delivered just one line that threw the hall into thunderous laughter for about three minutes. It felt really good.”