I do ‘hookup’ to support my boyfriend – Young lady (Video)

A young Nigerian lady known simply as Favour, has revealed that she sells her body to provide financial assistance to her boyfriend.

She said that she does modern day prostitution commonly known as ‘hookup’ to support her man when he goes broke.

Favour revealed that her boyfriend is aware of what she does but he is not really okay with it. She however, said that her man wants her to stop when he cashes out.

Lady do hookup

According to the lady, another reason she does engages in the body trade, despite being in a relationship because she likes it.

When asked the highest amount she has made from doing hookup is N150,000 one hundred and fifty thousand naira.

“I dey do relationship sometimes I still dey do hookup when my boyfriend dey broke,” Favour said.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile in another news…

Former runs girl, Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada also known as Mandy Kiss, declared that she is proud of her current self and how she looks.

She stated this in a video posted on her social media page as a response to critics who keep attacking her ever since she announced that she quit selling her body.

Mandy earlier said she abandoned her work as a runs girl and was changing her ways as she only engaged in it to fend for herself.

“I am proud of myself for just one thing, I have a very good skin,” she said.

Mandy went on advise girls to not stop living decently because there are many legal means one can use to put food on their table.