I didn’t lose the 2023 election – AAC presidential candidate, Sowore

Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has said that he did not lose the 2023 polls because “there was no election.”

He made the statement at a symposium organised by the AAC Women Wing, Lagos State Chapter to commemorate June 12, Democracy Day.

Sowore said there was “selection” during the last election conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission, hence, Nigerians could not jubilate.

He also accused President Bola Tinubu of being concerned with what would only benefit him, which is why he removed fuel subsidy without considering how it affects the people and talked about oil exploration in the Niger Delta.

The AAC flag bearer said; “Tinubu came, he hasn’t lasted for two weeks; two things were of great concern to him: how to punish the poor, and who are the poor? The same people who have always been cheated out of the commonwealth of Nigeria.

“The second thing Tinubu did was to talk about how to fight to restore oil exploration in the Niger Delta. That is the only thing that concerns them. Nobody is talking about how to end Boko Haram, banditry. It is how to exploit the Lagos model of democracy to Abuja and nationalize it. Which is this “agberocracy” that he is doing in Lagos.

“I have been hearing that some people are saying that ‘it is our turn, whether they rigged the election or not’. Since your people have been doing the democracy of our right, the land has never progressed. Yoruba can only progress when you have the right people in power, and that is why the last time anyone had right here was when Awolowo was in power and it was because he had a great character, not because he was able to bulldoze his way.

“Anybody who says I’m talking because I lost the election in 2023, I did not lose the election in 2023 because there was no election in 2023. What they did was selection. Since they ended the election, the person who claims to have won the election cannot jubilate. Since they ended the election, they are not worried about 17 other candidates in the election, they are worried about AAC.”