“I didn’t know it’ll go viral” – Girl who asked parents for iPhone 8 breaks silence (Video)

A Nigerian girl who went viral days ago after a video of her asking her parents for an iPhone 8 for her birthday, has tendered a public apology.

She said she only posted the clip as content and never wanted her parents to be dragged online neither did she know that it will trend.

It may be recalled that in the video, the girl’s father was reprimanding her for requesting an iPhone instead of focusing on her studies.

girl parents iphone 8

The secondary school certificate holder captioned the post: “POV: Your birthday is coming, and as a responsible girl, you asked your dad for iPhone 8″.

The father was heard suggesting that she may sell her body if she desired an iPhone, asserting that girls with such phones are morally corrupt.

He compared this with those pursuing a medical education who haven’t prioritised owning an iPhone, adding that his daughter’s focus on acquiring one before entering university is needless.
The mother also added she is so surprised that a pastor’s child is requesting such.

In a fresh video, the young TikToker identified as ‘Pretty Yoruba Girl’ admitted that she was wrong. She said her parents had seen the video and they explained that she was wrong for recording them.

She also revealed that her dad and mum told her the reason they refused to buy the iPhone 8 for her was because they felt it was not time to get such a phone.

The girl also clarified that she did not fail JAMB, WAEC or NECO as being insinuated online, rather the reason she is still at home is because she wants to study the course of her choice.

Watch her speak below: