I did it for clout – Man who claimed AY’s daughter isn’t his begs for forgiveness (video)

A Nigerian man based in Sierra Leone, Agozi Samuel has begged popular comedian Ayo Makun aka AY, for forgiveness over his recent defamatory comment.

He had posted a video of himself claiming that AY was not the biological father of his second daughter, Ayomide Makun, and it went viral on Facebook.

Man apologise to AY Comedian

The man released a new clip where he apologised, claiming he did it for clout. He said life is tough in Sierra Leone and he made libellous allegations against the comedian in a bid to make money.

Samuel said he has been posting contents on social media but none of the contents generate income so he thought to defame the actor or other celebrities so his video can generate the desired traction, and he would in turn make some money.

He appealed to AY Comedian and debunked his earlier claims that the actor wasn’t the the one who fathered his daughter. He also said he has since deleted the defamatory videos on his page.

Watch video:

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A user, owotope77 commented; U go popular well well wen u reach prison

sir_efex; The clout will be louder inside prison….

madamkennied; He is not sorry. Any needs to teach him a lesson

_odogwu_nwanyi; I am happy AY sued him. Remaining May. Oga,keep money for settlement ready or go to jail.

princessaluk; Make una no forgive am oh….I saw the video yesterday and honestly I was upset on behalf of the people involved. 😢😢 This is not an excuse

nana_obrempong1; Is he apologizing or it’s another content😂😂😂.. That he gave AY more followers.. who told him AY needs followers 😂😂😂😂

tech_attires; Go and defend yourself in court. Ay should not gree oo

talkamasebee; If the AY or May forgives him,i no go forgive them.. Those allegations were grave!!

preshkorlem; Can you imagine, are you even normal?? How do you just wake to tarnish someone’s image with such sensitive matter???