I cry when I don’t get ideas for skits – Nasboi

Nigerian Instagram comedian, Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji, known by his stage name, Nasboi, has revealed that he cries when he does not get ideas to create content.

The popular skit-maker made this known during a recent interview on TVC’s programme, ESplash, adding that getting ideas for content isn’t easy despite being multi-talented.

Nasboi, who was formerly known as ‘Low Budget OBO’, revealed that he does not have any scriptwiter and everything he releases comes straight from his head. He added that he could suffer a creative block sometimes and won’t get any content ideas for three weeks.

“I don’t have scriptwriters. All my skits are my brain work. Everything is me. “People make it look like, ‘you are so talented, it [inspiration] just come.’ It’s a lie o. Sometimes, I could stay like three weeks and I don’t get a single content. A lot of people are not so emotional, my emotion is on the high side.

So, when I don’t get content, I cry. I’m not lying to you. It gets that bad. I feel like, ah! Dem don collect my talent. Two weeks and nothing is funny to me. It happens,” he said.

Meanwhile, the content creator recently explained why he changed the style that gave him fame, which was mimicking music superstar, Davido.

Nasboi, who used to be a musician recounted how he started his career as “Low Budget OBO”, who recreated Davido’s speaking pattern but had to switch to skit-making when there was a demand for proper skits.

Speaking during an episode of MTV Base Naija Top 10, he revealed that he was initially mimicking the DMW boss to get his attention and have a chance to showcase his musical talent to him.

Nasboi said; “I started off mimicking Davido. So, the plan was to get David’s attention for my music. I disturbed this guy till he invited me one day and I started playing my music.

“It [my mimics of Davido] started looking like cruise to everybody. So, I said, okay, let’s jump on it. That’s how I jumped on it and it started looking like it demanded for me to start making skits. So, I had no option than to make skits.”